If you’re looking for a fantastic fishing experience, look no further! Alaska Saltwater Adventures operates out of the halibut capital of the world. The icy waters of Kachemack Bay are home to large populations of various species of marine life. Our magnificent halibut fishing charters in Homer, Alaska, are thrilling way to spend the day enjoying family and friends while experiencing the beautiful and wild sights around you.  

Pacific Halibut are one of the largest flatfishes in the world. Members of the flounder fish family, these bottom-dwelling fish are found on or near the ocean floor, mud, sand or gravel banks. They’re carnivorous and will eat anything that swims, from plankton, pollock, cod, octopus, crabs, and even smaller halibut. This deliciously lean fish has a white, mild, and sweet tasting flesh that has large flakes but a firm texture. Pacific halibut is ideal for table fare.

We offer Alaskan halibut fishing trips through the Kachemack Bay and Lower Cook Inlet. All Alaska Saltwater Adventure halibut fishing charters in Homer, AK, provide remarkable experiences, Buttwhackers fish filleting and photo services. We offer additional fish processing services for vacuum packaging, freezing, and shipping. Our halibut fishing charters in Homer will exceed all your expectations!

  • Journeys Begin at 6:30 AM-After August 15th, at 7:00 AM.

  • 1-2 Hours Underway Through Kachemack Bay and the Lower Cook Inlet.

  • Tides Will Determine Ideal Fishing Proximity to Shore.

  • Charter Durations Are Modified to According to Tides and Packages.

  • Return to the Dock Around 4:30 PM.

  • Fish Filleters Unload, Haul, and Hang Fish for Photos Dockside.

  • Halibut is Filleted and Processed to Individual Specifications.

More information about what you can look forward to on our Alaskan halibut fishing trips is available here: What to Expect!

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